IT Services/ Business Software Solutions

Recommendations, only after Needs Analysis

Before we recommend any products, we analyze your business's current procedures and methods. We evaluate your needs for functionality, reporting and flexibility. We meet with your staff to review their requirements and targeted inefficiencies. Only then do we design a plan to provide a total solution.

Software Selections

Based on your Needs Analysis, we will recommend specific business tools from our arsenal to address the defined needs.


Microtask will coordinate and schedule all work to be done with your firm's representative. Microtask staff will then take responsibility for the installation and configuration of all the approved software. It is our responsibility for making sure things work the way they should.


We consider training to be an integral part of implementing any new system. So we take it very seriously. We start by giving all your staff a basic navigating overview of their new system. Then we move on to "user specific training". That means, your staff concentrates on functions they will use in their day to day work. This approach guarantees that each user is comfortable and in control of their specific task.

Data Migration

When needed, we have extensive experience in migrating data from multiple types of databases to your new system.

Custom Programming and Reporting

If custom reports or software enhancements are called for, our expert programmers and partners stand ready to help. Over the years, we have developed an extensive library of enhancements and Add-ons to many of our products. This is just another example of how our experience can benefit you operation.

Support Services - Helpdesk

Ongoing support is critical and it is our priority. Trained Helpdesk Technicians are ready, willing and able to help you via phone, email or remote internet control.

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