IT Services/ Managed Services

Remote Network Monitoring

Using a secured virtual private network connection (VPN), Microtask can connect your network to our sophisticated monitoring tools. With this link, we can automate the continual testing of your systems and automate the search for problems. We can inform you ahead of time that a hard drive is getting too full, a system requires some upgrade, or your website is down. The monitoring is done very securely, and has become a truly invaluable tool for managers and owners wanting to avoid crippling down-time.

Listed below are just some of the network tasks we can monitor:

  • Server stability
  • Storage limits
  • Firewall Alerts
  • Windows updates
  • Nightly backup confirmations
  • Virus definition updates

Managed Desktop

Email Hosting: Our e-mail hosting service is straight-forward. We give you the performance and features your business email needs to get your work done more efficiently. We take care of the software, servers, network and people required to run a reliable email system so you can focus on running your business. By opting for a managed email hosting solution you receive service and support at a more cost-effective price than hiring in-house staff .

Website – eCommerce Hosting: Reliability, Security, Support, and statistics are what we offer with our hosting services. So if your looking for a dependable local company to host your website with, then Microtask Managed Services is the answer

Antivirus –Anti-Spyware Managed Services: To effectively address the security challenges of smaller organizations. McAfee offers comprehensive capabilities—all-in-one integrated solution. The McAfee Total Protection for Small Business solutions include anti-virus, anti-spyware, and centralized policy management via the McAfee SecurityCenter.

Offsite critical data backups. Off-Site backups are an extra layer of protection for your data. By subscribing to our service, your company's critical data will be backed up and automatically moved to a secure data center nightly.

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