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The AppFinity On-the-Go Order Entry System is a smart client Windows Mobile based application, it offers a data-collection functionality perfect for salespersons on-the-go to create orders and apply payments to outstanding invoices while talking to their customers onsite. It's fully-utilizable even without Internet.

This system is designed to provide your salespersons essential information as they carry out their regular sales calls. Its simplified interface allows your sales team to instantly download inventory status and customer information such as history orders, shipping addresses and outstanding invoices from Accountmate onto the PDA in no time.

On-the-Go Order Entry Key Features

Place Orders In Few Clicks

Use the "Enter Order" function to create an order for the selected customer. The system displays a list of items with their sales prices under different tabs: Favorite and Other Items. Items in the "Favorite" tab are items that were previously ordered by the customer. The "Other Items" tab shows a list of all items available for sale and maintained in the Accountmate database. To add an item, simply update the "Qty" column. The sales rep can simply also update the unit price when necessary. The "Calculate" button gives you a running total of the sales order and the number of items as they are added. Once the sales rep or customer has completed the order, use the "Save Order" button to save the order.

Process Customer Payments

Outstanding invoices are available for each customer by clicking the "Enter Payment" function. While at customer's site, your salesperson can process payments and quickly update customer's account balances. This process lessens disputes and possible reconciliation issues typically caused by incorrect payment applications. As the salesperson posts the payment, the customer can verify the transaction and know his updated balance.

View Balance Summary

As orders and payments are created in the PDA system, the values under the "Enter Order" and "Enter Payment" functions are kept updated. These values indicate the transactions that are yet to be uploaded and synchronized with the Accountmate database.

View Transaction History

Click on the "Details" function to see the details of the most recent order of the customer. The "View History" function gives the salesperson a detailed listing of the orders placed by the customer. The list shows the sales order numbers and dates, item codes, quantities, and sales prices.

View Mobile Orders And Payments

To keep track of transactions, the salesperson can click the "View Mobile Orders and Payments" function. This generates a list of all orders and payments regardless of their status as to whether uploaded or not. It can be filtered by transaction dates. This can serve as the salesperson's daily summary report.

Synchronize In No Time

Your salesperson can download information belonging to him such as customer, shipping addresses, history orders and outstanding invoices from Accountmate database onto the PDA handheld device. Sales orders and payments entered onto the PDA device can be uploaded and synchronized with Accountmate at any item or as Internet becomes available.

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