IT Services/ Preventive Maintenance

When people notice their computer's performance slowing, the most common reactions is to live with it or get another computer. Although, that maybe necessary, more often than not, simple maintenance would avoid this problem. Computers are like any other piece of equipment. They need and deserve routine maintenance and care. Depending on your needs, we schedule regular service visits to keep your systems tuned, safe and stable. Regular maintenance ensures maximum productivity, avoids costly crashes and lowers your long-term cost of ownership. As the old saying goes. “a ounce of prevention is worth than a pound of cure”

When it comes to your office servers, desktop PCs, routers, switches, firewalls, printers, wireless devices, cabling and the rest of your in-house network infrastructure, Microtask is right there with you to ensure it all runs smoothly.

20 Point checkup to catch issues before they become big problems.

  • Test restore of your tape backup
  • Microsoft updates
  • Anti-virus updates
  • Checks for spyware and adware
  • Check server storage status
  • Schedule storage drive optimization
  • Inspect the condition of each workstation (computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse)
  • Check APC battery backup logs and firewall firmware updates
  • Checked memory usage, verifed UPS status
  • Checked network operation and fans
  • and more...

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