Business Software Solutions/ Ship-It

Ship-It is a fully integrated shipping solution that allows you to process shipments from within the Ship Sales Order, Create Invoice and Create RMA Screens. It allows you to create multiple packages/boxes and automatically calculate the weight of them by using the weight field from the AccountMate inventory, also it automatically and accurately calculates the insurance value for each package and allows you to assign 3rd party billing from account number stored in the AccountMate customer record, all seamlessly integrated.

Lite Version

  • Prints carrier approved Shipping Labels after saving each Shipment.
  • It writes back to the AccountMate invoice a detail of the shipment to include, package weight, value, freight amount, insurance amount, tracking number, etc. All this information is maintained on a separate invoice child table for easy access.
  • Amend shipments function as long as the shipment has not been closed for the day.
  • It allows to build a cross reference table for shipping carries to match to SHIP IT available carries.
  • 3rd Party, consignee & Multiple email notification defined by Customer.
  • Dimensional weight Inventory cross reference table.
  • Create and submit Return Labels and Electronic call tags.
  • Track shipments within AccountMate.
  • Package Tracking Report allows viewing, printing or faxing Invoiced package information from within AccountMate

Pro Version

  • Package Definition – it allows to add items to individual or multiple packages and make changes on the fly with simple drag and drop operations
  • Accudart Module available for pick and pack functionality.
  • Can integrate with Accountmate Create Sales Order, Ship Sales Order, Create Invoice & RMA Forms. *Accountmate special source code license required for Pro Version

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