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AppFinity WebSalesForce is a Web-based CRM and ordering system that provides the tools you need to track your leads and opportunities. The software also gives your salespeople the flexibility to place sales orders and quotes for their own customers directly into your Sales Order module over the Internet. With WebSalesForce, your salespeople do not have to be in the office to place orders or access their own customers' information.

Sales quotations and order transactions placed online are entered into your accounting database as if they were placed through the accounting system. Order status, inventory availability and customer account information are always automatically updated. Data entered over the Internet is read and written to your database online in real time.

WebSalesForce Key Features

View Salesperson's Customers And Activities

WebSalesForce is designed to display only information that is related to customers of a particular salesperson. A salesperson is assigned to each customer account by entering a value in the "Salesperson" field of the Business Partner (Customer) Master Data record. The system then automatically sets a filter to the databases and the login so that salespeople can only access their own customers' data.

Leads And Activities

The "My Leads" function enables your sales team to keep track of their leads. The function lists all the leads assigned to the salesperson currently logged in. A salesperson can create, update or remove a lead. For each lead, Activities can be entered to note all correspondences and transactions that pertain to each lead, from initial meeting to sending a business proposal, from sales delivery to invoicing and payment. In this area, you can update activity data, organize meetings, follow up on action items, record essential information about leads and track the status of each opportunity as it progresses through the sales cycle.

Reminder Tool

Without a built-in reminder tool, your salespeople could miss crucial activities that are vital to the success of their sales process. To this end, a "Today's Activities" function acts as an automated reminder program which provides a snapshot of each salesperson's scheduled activities for the day.

Convenient Order Entry

Salespeople have three (3) ways to enter their customers' orders, depending on how familiar they are with the products.


For a new salesperson who is not familiar with your item codes, the "Shopping" function is a helpful aid. To create the order, the salesperson selects the customer code from the list, which then displays a list of items available for browsing.

Place Order

The "Place Order" function enables easy input of item codes. This is applicable if the salesperson already knows the item codes.

Quick Order

The "Quick Order" function enables salespeople to copy line items from their previous sales orders and invoices. Products from the copied order or invoice are listed so that they can confirm the items and update their required quantity. An item search feature is also available to browse for more items that need to be added to the new order.


Once salespeople have completed an order, they can click the "Checkout" button to save the order. On the Checkout screen, customer information from the accounting database is automatically loaded as a default. From this screen, a salesperson can update the shipping and payment terms, enter applicable discounts, change the shipping address and enter order remarks.

Item Details

The "Item Listing" option from the "Reports" function displays the item codes, descriptions and current sales prices of your items. Salesperson can get additional information about the item by clicking on the Item Description link.

Access Rights

The "Access Setup" function of the Administration program enables you to define the access rights of each salesperson to the client program, the item records that will be available for display and the payment terms that will be used in the system.

Admin Reports

The function provides summary and detailed order reports, plus item and salesperson access setups, including their access logs.

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