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The AppFinity WebStore is an easy- to-use, online e-commerce system that makes shopping a breeze for your customers. You can accept orders securely from your website 24/7 as well as manage your product catalogs and pricing online ... quickly and easily.

The system is a customizable e-commerce solution offering real-time integration between YOUR web site and Accountmate! It can also be integrated with a shipping quote engine that provides real-time shipping charges online (e.g., UPS or FedEx). Likewise, a payment gateway can be installed to enable customers to make payments not only for their current orders, but also for their outstanding invoices. The system supports, PayPal and CyberSource Credit Card Payment gateways.

Webstore Key Features

Easy Shopping

Customers can navigate into the Shopping, On Sale, New Product and Best Sellers pages to find the product they want to add to their shopping carts. With just a simple two-page checkout process, shopping is relatively quick and easy and involves just three steps: (1) find the item, (2) confirm the billing and shipping addresses and (3) enter payment details. An order confirmation is displayed with a tracking number. Customers can use this reference number to inquire about the status of their order.

Calculate Shipping Charges

Calculating the shipping charge for every order has never been so easy. With AppFinity WebStore, you can set up multiple shipping rules and fixed rates as detailed by your shipping carrier. It also supports the FedEx/UPS Shipment gateway and calculates the shipping amount online.

Calculate Sales Taxes

The system calculates sales tax based on a pre-defined flat rate per state. It can also calculate tax by zip code to include state and local taxes.

Account Activities & Settings

The My Account -> Account Activities menu provides your customers with a snapshot of their accounts. In this menu, they can check their outstanding sales orders and invoices, review their purchases and preview their statements.

Quick Order Process

Under the My Account -> Order Activities menu, customers can use the "Quick Order" function to copy the line items from their previous web order. Products from the copied order are listed so that customers can confirm the items and update their required quantity.

Online Payment Method

WebStore offers an online payment method that enables your customers to view their outstanding invoices and pay any amount or the full balance using a credit card.

Extensive Product Details & Categories

WebStore offers two visual references for any products you are selling: one small image for the Shopping page and one large image for the Product Details page. In the Inventory Setup function of the WebStore Administrator program, you can enter additional information and enhance the content you wish to display for the product.

Do Business With New Customers

Your company can expand into untapped markets by enabling new customers to simultaneously register and place orders online. Each customer account contains company information, shipping and billing addresses. The customer's information is stored temporary in the WebStore database. In the Approve New Account function of the WebStore Administrator program, you can assign a new Business Partner # to the new account.

E-mail Order Notification

An e-mail order notification is sent to the customer and the company administrator once the customer has submitted the order. This alerts the company of new incoming orders, ensuring that they can be processed immediately.

Cross-Sell, Up-sell & Alternative Items

WebStore feeds its data from the Item Master Data of Accountmate. This integration facilitates cross-selling, up-selling and product substitutions.

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