About Us

Microtask Consulting, Inc. is a full service information-technology consulting firm that specializes in providing comprehensive business solutions to small & mid-size businesses in the NY metro area. Since 1987, Microtask has been helping companies make the most of their investments in technology.

Our Mission is simple:

  • Provide excellent service and value.
  • Do everything we can to help our clients succeed by leveraging technology to achieve their business goals.

Your Partner

In the 21st century, successful businesses have recognized that they need an information technology (IT) advisor. A partner to help them keep pace with all the developments in this technology driven economy. Microtask has the resources to be your IT partner. Our consultants not only have top-notch technical skills and educational backgrounds, they have operational experience. With hundreds of successful installations , we have accumulated a wealth of valuable experience from which we can draw upon to help your business.


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