Client Feedback/ Case Studies


Alexander Wagner Company, Inc. | Microtask partnered with Accountmate to build a Customized Financial and Scheduling Management System

With the largest pump rental fleet in the New York metropolitan area, Alexander Wagner Company, Inc. (AWAGNERCO), has been servicing the construction industry of over 60 years, concrete pump rentals for 40 years and plaster pump rentals for 15 years. With the demand for AWAGNERCO's products and services increasing over the years, tracking equipment, operator availability and job costs became more challenging. Working with Microtask Consulting, Inc., an AccountMate Business Partner that has a well-deserved reputation for providing cutting-edge business solutions, AWAGNERCO installed AccountMate SQL due to its multi-company capability and scalability. To resolve these challenges, Microtask Consulting partnered with Accountmate to build an efficient, highly customized scheduling system within AccountMate that allows employees to override equipment usage and book multiple jobs as needed, or block out equipment so it can not be overbooked.

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Latin American Distributors | Microtask and AppFinity Collaborate to Implement State-of-the-Art Ordering Solution for Major Importer & Distributor

Outdated, inefficient ordering system prompts New Jersey-based Latin American Distributors (LADI) to call for a fully automated mobile solution. LADI has evolved into a major importer and wholesale distributor serving Latino communities across the United States. This family-owned and operated business sources merchandise such as household and beauty products, cookware, pharmaceuticals and vitamins from Latin American countries and offers them through many popular retail outlets, including Shop-Rite. After enduring the time-intensive, manual order entry process for years, LADI staff is delighted with all the time savings and increased accuracy that the "On-the-Go" mobile order entry/scanning system generates. Sales reps can process orders onsite with just a few clicks, meaning minimal data entry and much less chance for input errors. With all the required customer account information at their fingertips, outside sales personnel can respond to customer inquiries and complete the entry of sales transactions in minutes, not hours.

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Latin American Distributors | Microtask and ACCU-DART Collaborate to Implement State-of-the-Art Warehouse Management System for Major Importer & Distributor

Outdated, inefficient warehouse management system prompts New Jersey-based Latin American Distributors (LADI) to call for an automated solution to manage LADI's fast-growing volume of inventory that optimize efficiency and reduce costs. The Microtask team studied the situation and determined that ACCU-DART Inventory Management Solutions Corporation, offered the best solution.

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