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Info-Alert is an automated "Alert" system which will search your business data looking for conditions that meet a specific set of parameters that you have defined. Once any of these conditions are found it sends an alert or action via email, fax or by report to Customers, Vendors or Employees that you have defined.

Info-Alert Features

  • Automatically identify issues before they become problems
  • Catch data entry errors while there is still time to correct them
  • Find exceptions in your data that you should know about
  • Automatically send late notices, acknowledgements, ship notices, etc.
  • Update CRM systems or other databases with alert information
  • Increase productivity without working harder


Info-Alert scans your data looking for conditions or criteria you have asked it to look for. Purchases have not been received, orders with a low gross margin, an important item needs to be reordered, etc. Once identified, you will be alerted by email, fax or printed report.


Info-Alert can automatically send dunning messages, order acknowledgements, invoices and other customer related messages that you configure. It can also request status of late shipments from your vendors, requests for product quotes and other actions you require.


Events can be configured to create and send files as email attachments, update customer credit hold flags, move suspect orders to another batch, update CRM data, and other unattended functions.

Alert and Action Examples

  • Customers with open A/R invoices over x days
  • Open orders older than x days
  • Open Purchase Orders that have not been received
  • Customers over their credit limit
  • Orders with a gross margin less than x
  • Items below their order point
  • Employees x days past their hire date
  • Customers who have not purchased in x days
  • Send electronic Invoices
  • Email or Fax customer dunning notices
  • Send order acknowledgements
  • Request P/O delivery status from vendors
  • Check order entry to verify margins
  • Put customers on credit hold when over limit
  • Generate and email Excel sheets
  • GL Accounts within x% of budget

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